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Mama, French Teacher, Entrepreneur, Rookie Baker, and Compulsive Shopper...


I'm Janine. My Pinterest boards comprise of the following: 

  • Babies/Kiddies. Musts, wants, and haves ( Products, schmoozy tumblr quotes, room ideas etc 151 pins)
  • Fried Stuff with Cheese (Friends allusion/every food I feel guilty after eating and 131 pins)
  • La Classe de Français ( Work stuff...real work, I guess? 256 pins)
  • Being Young (An ode to my youth circa 1980-1995/every toy I had, wish I had, should have never had. 44 pins)
  • Holidays (Self Explanatory 13 pins)
  • It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (A Christmas board that could really be condensed into the Holidays board. 13 pins.)
  • Little Rabbit Wears (I always forget to pin when I add a new listing. I should get on that. 94 pins)
  • Downton Abbey/Deco hat Inspiration ( Swatches, hat ideas, pattern obsession. 19 pins)
  • French Interactive Notebook ( For these interactive notebooks we are all supposed to be doing. I only have 10 pins and should just abandon this board.)
  • Adèle's 1st ( My daughter turned 1 last June, and these were the things that turned her party into a 'carnival' as one friend described. 22 pins)

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And this is me and my kids. I think this photo sums being a mum of two pretty well. TJ, my husband, is the photographer here and is probably glad I didn't post him on the internet, anyway: 

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